Tuesday, June 11, 2024 From 14:30 to 16:00
2.2a – Contaminants of Concern

2. Water quality processes in urban drainage

Location: Lectureroom D / Collegezaal D

Add to Agenda 11 June 2024 14:30 11 June 2024 16:00 Europe/Amsterdam 2.2a – Contaminants of Concern Lectureroom D / Collegezaal D -


Starting from 14:30 to 14:50

Stormwater bioretention: Occurrence and accumulation of metals, PAHs, PCBs, alkylphenols, phthalates, PFASs and microplastics

Furén, Flanagan, Österlund, Lange, Beryani, Winston, Tirpak, Dorsey, Smith, Viklander, and Blecken
  • Speaker - Furén

Starting from 14:50 to 15:10

Removal of Xenobiotic Organic Compounds (XOCs) from greywater using green walls

Abd-ur-Rehman, Zhang, Deletic, and Prodanovic
  • Speaker - Prodanovic

Starting from 15:10 to 15:30

PFAS in urban stormwater runoff of industrial catchments

Wicke, Knoche, Matzinger, Zhiteneva, Miehe, Rückbeil, Sperlich, and Hensel
  • Speaker - Wicke

Starting from 15:30 to 15:50

Emissions of micropollutants, antibiotic-resistent bacteria and antibiotic resistance genes from urban entry pathways

Wittmann, Beckers, Stiedl, Jacobs, Castronovo, Schüttler, Schulz, Reifferscheid, and Wick
  • Speaker - Wittmann

Starting from 15:50 to 15:55

An event-based model for small microplastic (<100 µm) loads from highway runoff – Investigating structural and input uncertainties

Rosso, Corami, and Vezzaro