Monday, June 10, 2024 From 13:30 to 15:00
5.2a – Instrumentation, Measurement, and Monitoring

5. Data, Tools, Techniques and Analyses

Location: Lectureroom A / Collegezaal A

Add to Agenda 10 June 2024 13:30 10 June 2024 15:00 Europe/Amsterdam 5.2a – Instrumentation, Measurement, and Monitoring Lectureroom A / Collegezaal A -


Starting from 13:30 to 13:50

A low-cost, in-situ, automated sensor for nitrate and ammonia

Janmohammadi, Shi, and McCarthy

Starting from 13:50 to 14:10

Assessing the utility of passive sampling for the monitoring of bacteria and protozoa in wastewater and surface water

Law, Becker, Parker, Weese, McCarthy, and Murphy
  • Speaker - Murphy

Starting from 14:10 to 14:30

Monitoring sediment build-up in gully pots using temperature-based systems

Regueiro-Picallo, Fuchs, Rieckermann, Moreno-Rodenas, and Clemens-Meyer
  • Speaker - Regueiro-Picallo

Starting from 14:30 to 14:50

Low-cost sensor networks to quantify the dynamics of suspended sediment yields in peri-urban areas

Ribeiro Marques da Silva, Russell, Fletcher, Cherqui, Navratil, and Cossart

Starting from 14:50 to 14:55

Estimation of Deterioration Heterogeneity in Sewerage Connection Pipes with Bias Correction Due to Data Missing

Yamanaka, Abe, Kawamoto, Sasai, and Kaito